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Fundraiser for Promise

As some of you know, a Korean LoL pro recently attempted suicide and is now recovering from serious injuries in a hospital in Busan. Inven, a major eSports website, has set up a bank account to help out with the medical bills since his family isn’t well off.

You can donate via PayPal if you’d like to help with his recovery.

Champions Spring Intro Teaser!

New episode of Rift Review for your viewing pleasure! I talk about CJ Blaze’s great early game plan against Jin Air and my thoughts on 4.2 in the competitive scene.

SK Telecom T1 Commercial

Check out this amazing commercial for SKT T1 K for the LoL app from SK Telecom. It allows you to track professional games on Android devices.

Teaser trailer for Masters! The tournament starts tomorrow.

2013 onGamers League of Legends Awards

I am THRILLED to win the “Caster of the Year” award from OnGamers. I have worked incredibly hard in 2013 to study League of Legends at the exclusion of almost everything else. Thank you so much to the fans who supported me and continue to do so.

Merry Christmas from the OGN casting team!